Ilana Carmeli - Kondi Studio
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Ilana Carmeli

Growing up, Ilana was always athletic. Having played soccer, she had a passion for sports and pushing her body beyond its limits. Ilana’s passion for health and fitness grew well into her University experience and the years following. After travelling and going from gym to gym, trying out the various trends in group fitness, Ilana came back to Vancouver determined to find something that satisfied her fitness goals. She tried a class at Kondi Studio and was instantly hooked. Ilana became a regular face at Kondi, as she felt it was the perfect combination of high intensity and sculpting. She noticed a major improvement in her endurance, strength, and stamina. Each class allowed her to push herself to a point she never imagined reaching. From her experience, there was nothing like Kondi. After a few months of working out at Kondi, 12’s on the treadmill were second nature to her and always left the studio with a post Kondi “high”.
With a Bachelors in Education from McGill University, Ilana began her career as an elementary school teacher, though she always felt something was missing. She then decided that she needed to combine her two passions and pursue a career in teaching fitness. Kondi has allowed Ilana to impose her love of fitness onto others by motivation and perseverance, pushing clients to the next level in achieving their own individual fitness goals. Ilana hopes to continue to grow as a fitness instructor at Kondi, expand her knowledge in the field, and to motivate others. When Ilana is not at Kondi, you can expect her to be travelling to NYC to visit her twin sister.